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, chances are they have your faceprint on file. google and apple also make faceprints. >> atick: my identity, my faceprint should be recognized as my property. my face is as important as my financial records, as my health records. it's very private to me. >> stahl: what do you mean, our faces are private? we're out in the street. >> atick: absolutely. >> stahl: we're walking around. closed-circuit cameras all over the place. are they really private? >> atick: our faces are private in the sense that my face does not walk around with a tag saying "i'm joseph atick" in the street. >> stahl: but marketers are working not just on linking our faces on the street to our names, but to our online profiles with our personal data and shopping history. we used to worry about privacy on the web; now we have to worry about privacy just walking around. >> atick: the link is between the online and offline persona is becoming possible, and that's... >> stahl: because of our faces. >> atick: yes, because of our faces. exactly. >> stahl: with security cameras ever present, some people are already thinking up c
. >>> in virginia and dozens of people hurt after a car drives to google group some of the injuries are serious. the crash happened after royalties festival in damascus about half hour east of bristol. police say an elderly man was behind the wheel when all of a sudden he somehow lost control of his car. police say he may have suffered a medical emergency just before the wreck. his identity has not yet been released, but these are saying he was participating in the parade. >>> back in maryland, limo coaches fire along interstate 83 with several people on the side of the highway. baltimore county firefighters say the well wheel caught fire and flames were seen coming from the back of the limo. >>> 138 preakness put baltimore epicenter of helpers freezing world. this morning mark viviano has more on the surprise finish in the big after party. >> reporter: good morning. orb came to both triple crown dreams, but in his preakness run, he's outdone by a team of hall of famers. 117,000 fans packed the racecourse providing the infield/and all the fun with concerts, concession, and cash. newly $82 mill
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2